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In-depth performance analysis

Complete with detailed reports generated from streams of clustered data, expert analysis on new trends and solutions for performance related problems.

Boosting customer engagement

Ramp up your customer engagement by over 30% every month with our data analysis tools.

Embedded analytics

Get customized analytics tools to enable you track any aspect of your business, be it sales or referrals.

Extensive coverage

Get access to analytic services that cover everything you use, be it apps, emails, websites, mobile or social media.
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Data are becoming the new raw material of business.

Every hour of the day, your business generates more data than you could ever handle. That data is quite useful for your business, which is why we help you optimize it for easy future manipulation.

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Whether it’s recent social network activity, email database monitoring, survey responses or last week’s ad campaign data, we’ve got the tools that will collect all of it for you in one place. Just name a source you want to test with. We’ve got you covered.


Every last piece of data is analysed by expert eyes and top notch software at WEBBRID to discover hidden trends, underlying problem factors and developing changes you might have missed.

Report generation

Get all the necessary information about your business’s performance compiled into one report that’s easy to read, dissect and share with your team.


Get an expert backed, data driven solution to any problem highlighted by our big data analysis in no time. Whether it’s a new marketing approach, a hot-right-now engagement strategy or a tweak to your UX design, this is where we suggest it, basing on data and statistics.

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