The simplest and safest way to manipulate all your business’s data

With detailed analysis of data from all areas of your business, we highlight hidden trends and unlock insights for the future.

Our Service

Leave those piles of data to us.

As a business, your top priority should be pleasing your customers and improving your services, not grappling with big data. We’re here to make that possible for you.

Data Analytics

Get a deeper understanding of your business, a better grasp of your market and real time knowledge of what’s taking place around you with Webbrid’s data analytics service. Designed with businesses and enterprises in mind, our data analytics service comes complete with real time alerts for new events and the best tools for data clustering and analyzing.

Data Driven Marketing

There’s simply no more room for trial and error marketing in today’s competitive market. Make a sure footing in your next marketing campaign with a strategy that guarantees results; a strategy backed by actual conversion, interaction and engagement data from both your potential and existing customers.


We create custom applications and hardware for all your IoT needs, ranging from embedded data sensor bots to performance monitoring software. Depending on your business’s immediate data requirements, we design and develop powerful software that you can count on to handle large and diverse tasks.

Discover Data

Get ahead of the competition curve

Use your business’s data to discover industry insights months ahead of your competitors. Big data is more than just numbers, charts and impressions. It’s a window into the future for businesses that choose to see.

Extending Possibilities

Your business’s data is a goldmine of possibilities

And we’re here to make it serve its purpose. Our top notch software and tools compute all your data and use it to develop solutions, decisions and products that can be implemented for more success.

What Our Customers Say

Sarah Johnson

“We started using Webbrid in 2017 soon after our ecommerce platform started getting steady traffic. The guys at Webbrid gave us data on our business that we never thought we could access, and helped us understand what each number and graph meant. We now use their service for monthly analytics and advance planning for major events such as Black Friday.”

Rajesh N

“Late last year, I discovered Webbrid during a random search on the internet and I’ve never looked back. As part of a social media marketing team for an electronics company, I am required to come up with relevant ideas for improving conversion rates. The team at Webbrid has helped me discover different consumer trends in the space of one year, most of which we’ve applied in our marketing campaigns with great success.”

Maxine S

“Until I discovered Webbrid, I didn’t know what Big Data was. Not only have I understood its power over my business but I’ve also learned how to use it to solve underlying problems in many areas of my business.”

In-depth performance analysis

Complete with detailed reports generated from streams of clustered data, expert analysis on new trends and solutions for performance related problems.

Embedded analytics

Get customized analytics tools to enable you track any aspect of your business, be it sales or referrals.

Targeted tracking

Discover where your customers originate from, where they are referred from, what they prefer to buy and more easily.

Industry forecasting

Get ahead of competitors with insights on recurring industry trends and how they might affect your business.


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