Wide Range of Information Engineering Services and Solutions to Fulfill the Requirements Of Your Business

Cutting-edge Technology

We ready to embrace the technology trends that are transforming your business objectives, marketing strategy and customer expectations.

Innovation Oriented

We strive for companies in the corporate world to keep innovation at the core of its goals and values.


We drive innovations that help our clients stay ahead of the curve. We tend to care concerning your immediate desires and your long-run goals.

Data privacy

We don’t believe in sharing your company’s data with third parties because it endangers your own privacy regulations.

WEBBRID is the product of one developer’s idea for a simple life-hack for start-ups and enterprises.


To lead the web and infrastructure services ahead of current trends.


We deliver cutting edge technologies and quality services to
create high value to our clients and empower them to grow their revenue.


was started as a way of making something as invisible but powerful as big data easier to access and manipulate for smaller businesses. We believe that every business can find answers to the most complex questions in its data. But early on, he realized that big data manipulation wasn’t an easy task. That’s why he decided to help enterprises navigate the data curve without falling off the success trail.

The company is currently run by an ambitious group of people driven by the need to make data acquisition, analysis and management easier for smaller businesses to handle. We are currently based in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka with supporting virtual offices spread out across the globe.

Webbrid aims to provide highly professional, competitive solutions that directly solve customers’ problems without the tedious back-and-forth of a regular business consulting exercise. Our mission is to help you scale and drive your business in the right direction with data driven decisions and future insights taken right from its accumulated data.

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